An Early Fascination

Some of my strongest childhood memories consist of peering into water with my family. Watching fish brought me joy and peace, something that's true to this day.

Finding YouTube

Naturally, my fascination with these underwater creatures led me to want to catch them. The pursuit of seeing fish up close and better understanding them, became an obsession.

It wasn't long before I started filming my trips to the local pond and a little camera came with me on every session. I loved being able to re-watch my adventures when I returned home.

My Brother, Alex

I did everything with him, football, making silly videos in the garden and of course fishing.

We filmed many of these adventures together, and started a YouTube channel called 'Carl & Alex' to upload them to. Over the years more and more people began following our fishing stories and wanted more of them!

It was this growing audience that helped us get our first proper jobs, giving us funds to make bigger and better videos.

Time To Go Solo

My brother and I filmed videos around the world, caught a variety of species of fish, and made some incredible memories. We did everything together. We would fish together, film together, and, perhaps naively, I thought it could last forever.

Nevertheless, the day came when Alex realised he needed to go at it alone. There were adventures, hobbies and interests separate from fishing that he wanted to explore, and he needed his own platform to do this freely.

These days my brother makes outdoor content on his channel Just Alex, and I couldn't be more proud of him, and the videos he's making.

Fish With Carl

Me? I'm, still, obsessed with fish! There's a thousand ways to go fishing, a world of species to explore, and I intend to discover it all with a camera in my hand, bringing you along for the journey.

I try to inspire others to try fishing or fish keeping on my Main Channel, and I teach people how to fish on Fishing Tutorials.

Fish Land...

Film making is in my blood and I'll be YouTubing till I can't see. Beyond the videos though is a bigger goal. My aim is to help people discover fishing and get started.

The dream is to create an aquatic resort. Working title - Fish Land. Imagine ornamental ponds, interactive fish feeding tanks and classrooms to learn about ecology, the water cycle and fish breeding. Visitors can then take provided equipment and try fishing for the first time in one of the many pools, streams and lakes. Bear with me, I've got a few million to save up before this happens, but hopefully it will! ;)